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Testimonies to the ChurchVolume 2

Chapter 1: Sketch of Experience
Chapter 2: Doing for Christ
Chapter 3: Selling the Birthright
Chapter 4: Evilspeaking
Chapter 5: Selfishness and World Loving
Chapter 6: Flesh Meats and Stimulants
Chapter 7: Neglect of Health Reform
Chapter 8: Love for the Erring
Chapter 9: Everyday Religion
Chapter 10: Reform at Home
Chapter 11: A Violated Conscience
Chapter 12: Warnings and Reproofs
Chapter 13: Object of Personal Testimonies
Chapter 14: Moving to Battle Creek
Chapter 15: Caution to Ministers
Chapter 16: Look to Jesus
Chapter 17: Separation from the World
Chapter 18: True Love
Chapter 19: Amusements at the Institute
Chapter 20: Neglect of Hannah More
Chapter 21: Prayers for the Sick
Chapter 22: Courage in the Minister
Chapter 23: Closeness in Deal
Chapter 24: Oppressing the Hireling
Chapter 25: Combativeness Reproved
Chapter 26: Burden Bearers in the Church
Chapter 27: Pride in the Young
Chapter 28: Worldliness in the Church
Chapter 29: The Sufferings of Christ
Chapter 30: Warnings to the Church
Chapter 31: Contemplating Marriage
Chapter 32: Danger of Riches
Chapter 33: Christian Zeal
Chapter 34: Responsibilities of the Young
Chapter 35: Servants of Mammon
Chapter 36: Sentimentalism and Matchmaking
Chapter 37: Severity in Family Government
Chapter 38: A Birthday Letter
Chapter 39: Deceitfulness of Riches
Chapter 40: Self-Deceived Youth
Chapter 41: True Conversion
Chapter 42: Duties of the Husband and the Wife
Chapter 43: Letter to an Orphan Boy
Chapter 44: The Unruly Member
Chapter 45: Comfort in Affliction
Chapter 46: A Self-Caring, Dictatorial Spirit
Chapter 47: A Forgetful Hearer
Chapter 48: Remedy for Sentimentalism
Chapter 49: Duty to Orphans
Chapter 50: Appeal to Ministers
Chapter 51: Moral Pollution
Chapter 52: Christian Temperance
Chapter 53: Extremes in Health Reform
Chapter 54: Sensuality in the Young
Chapter 55: True Love at Home
Chapter 56: Importance of Self-Government
Chapter 57: Industry and Economy
Chapter 58: Stirring Up Opposition
Chapter 59: An Appeal to the Church
Chapter 60: A Cross in Accepting the Truth
Chapter 61: Address to Ministers
Chapter 62: Exercise and Air
Chapter 63: Selfishness Rebuked
Chapter 64: Fanaticism and Ignorance
Chapter 65: An Indulged Daughter
Chapter 66: To a Minister's Wife
Chapter 67: Unfaithfulness in Stewardship
Chapter 68: Mistaken Sensitiveness
Chapter 69: Convocations
Chapter 70: Social Meetings
Chapter 71: How Shall We Keep the Sabbath?
Chapter 72: Christian Recreation
Chapter 73: An Impressive Dream
Chapter 74: Our Camp Meetings
Chapter 75: A Solemn Dream
Chapter 76: Manners and Dress of Ministers
Chapter 77: Love of Gain
Chapter 78: The Cause in Vermont
Chapter 79: Transferring Earthly Treasure
Chapter 80: No Probation after Christ Comes
Chapter 81: Accountability for Light Received

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