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Testimonies to the ChurchVolume 3

Chapter 1. An Appeal for Burden Bearers
Chapter 2. Unsanctified Ability
Chapter 3. Unbalanced Minds
Chapter 4. Intimate Friendship With Worldlings
Chapter 5. The Cause in New York
Chapter 6. Experience Not Reliable
Chapter 7. Faithfulness in Home Duties
Chapter 8. Pride and Vain Thoughts
Chapter 9. The Work at Battle Creek
Chapter 10. Parables of the Lost
Chapter 11. Labor Among the Churches
Chapter 12. To Wealthy Parents
Chapter 13. Proper Education
Chapter 14. The Health Reform
Chapter 15. The Health Institute
Chapter 16. Danger of Applause
Chapter 17. Labor for the Erring
Chapter 18. The Sabbath School
Chapter 19. Laborers in the Office
Chapter 20. Love and Duty
Chapter 21. The Battle Creek Church
Chapter 22. Missionary Work
Chapter 23. Effect of Discussions
Chapter 24. Dangers and Duties of Youth
Chapter 25. Self-Caring Ministers
Chapter 26. Inordinate Love of Gain
Chapter 27. The Laodicean Church
Chapter 28. Moses and Aaron
Chapter 29. To a Young Minister and His Wife
Chapter 30. Daydreaming
Chapter 31. The Great Rebellion
Chapter 32. Appeal to the Young
Chapter 33. Tithes and Offerings
Chapter 34. Systematic Benevolence
Chapter 35. Individual Independence
Chapter 36. Unity in the Church
Chapter 37. True Refinement in the Ministry
Chapter 38. Importance of the Work
Chapter 39. The State of the World
Chapter 40. The State of the Church
Chapter 41. Love of the World
Chapter 42. Presumption
Chapter 43. Power of Appetite
Chapter 44. Leadership
Chapter 45. Calls for Means
Chapter 46. Duty to the Unfortunate
Chapter 47. Man's Duty to His Fellow Men
Chapter 48. The Sin of Covetousness
Chapter 49. Industry in the Ministry
Chapter 50. Parents as Reformers
Chapter 51. Cannot Come Down

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