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Testimonies to the ChurchVolume 5

Chapter 2:   Camp Meeting Address
Chapter 3:   Our College
Chapter 4:   Parental Training
Chapter 5:   Important Testimony
Chapter 6:   The Testimonies Slighted
Chapter 7:   Workers in Our College
Chapter 8:   Jealousy and Faultfinding Condemned
Chapter 9:   The Day of the Lord at Hand
Chapter 10: Unwise Marriages
Chapter 11: Warnings and Reproofs
Chapter 12: Laborers for God
Chapter 13: Agents of Satan
Chapter 14: Will a Man Rob God?
Chapter 15: Power of the Truth
Chapter 16: Our Camp Meetings
Chapter 17: Brotherly Love
Chapter 18: Diligence in Business
Chapter 19: Moving to Battle Creek
Chapter 20: Worldliness in the Church
Chapter 21: Shall We Consult Spiritualist Physicians?
Chapter 22: Looking Unto Jesus
Chapter 23: Calls for Laborers
Chapter 24: The Seal of God
Chapter 25: An Appeal
Chapter 26: Christian Unity
Chapter 27: The Work of the Gospel Minister
Chapter 28: Christian Growth
Chapter 29: Faithfulness in the Work of God
Chapter 30: Influence of Unbelief
Chapter 31: Deceitfulness of Sin
Chapter 32: Criticizing Ministers
Chapter 33: Fidelity and Perseverance Needed
Chapter 34: Sinfulness of Repining
Chapter 35: "Praise Ye the Lord!"
Chapter 36: Parental Responsibility
Chapter 37: The Training of Children
Chapter 38: Christian Forbearance
Chapter 39: Worldly Ambition
Chapter 40: Love Among Brethren
Chapter 41: Redeeming the Time
Chapter 42: The Manufacture of Wine and Cider
Chapter 43: Marriage With Unbelievers
Chapter 44: The Support of City Missions
Chapter 45: The True Missionary Spirit
Chapter 46: Young Men as Missionaries
Chapter 47: Importance of the Canvassing Work
Chapter 48: The Publishing Work
Chapter 49: Business and Religion
Chapter 50: Worldly-Mindedness a Snare
Chapter 51: Responsibilities of the Physician
Chapter 52: The Coming Crisis
Chapter 53: The Church the Light of the World
Chapter 54: Joshua and the Angel
Chapter 55: Unity and Love in the Church
Chapter 56: Behavior in the House of God
Chapter 57: Religion and Scientific Education
Chapter 58: The Education of Our Children
Chapter 59: Dangers of the Young
Chapter 60: Suitable Reading for Children
Chapter 61: Advice to the Young
Chapter 62: Worldly-Mindedness
Chapter 63: Practical Godliness
Chapter 64: "Your Reasonable Service"
Chapter 65: Worldly Influences
Chapter 66: Needs of Our Institutions
Chapter 67:Our Institutions at Battle Creek
Chapter 68: Board Meetings
Chapter 69: Christian Influence in the Home and the Church
Chapter 70: An Impressive Dream
Chapter 71: Daily Study of the Bible Necessary
Chapter 72: Education of Workers
Chapter 73: Unholy Ambition
Chapter 74: "The Appearance of Evil"
Chapter 75: Love for the Erring
Chapter 76: Church Duties
Chapter 77: A Letter
Chapter 78: God's Love for Sinners
Chapter 79: Acceptable Confession
Chapter 80: Erroneous Ideas of Confession
Chapter 81: God's Presence a Reality
Chapter 82: The Nature and Influence of the Testimonies
Chapter 83: Unfounded Reports
Chapter 84: A Miracle Counterfeited
Chapter 85: The Mysteries of the Bible a Proof of Its Inspiration
Chapter 86: The Impending Conflict
Chapter 87: The American Sentinel and Its Mission
Chapter 88: Workers in the Cause
Chapter 89: The Inestimable Gift
Chapter 90: The Character of God Revealed in Christ
Chapter 91: The Word Made Flesh
Chapter 92: God's Care for His Work

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