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Testimonies to the ChurchVolume 6

Section One – The Outlook
A.  God's Purpose in the Church
B.  The Work for This Time
C.  Extension of the Work in Foreign Fields

Section Two - Evangelistic Work
A.   The Camp Meeting
B.   After the Camp Meeting
C.   Less Preaching, More Teaching
D.   Ministerial Institutes
E.   Baptism
F.   The Building of Meetinghouses
G.  Children's Meetings and Church Schools
H.   The Temperance Work
I.     Object Lessons in Health Reform
J.    Women to Be Gospel Workers
K.   Teaching Home Religion
L.    Meeting Opposition
M.   Parable of the Straying Sheep

Section Three - Education
A.   The Need of Educational Reform
B.   Hindrances to Reform
C.   Character and Work of Teachers
D.   Words From a Heavenly Instructor
E.   School Homes
F.   Industrial Reform
G.   The Avondale School Farm
H.   Church Schools
I.     School Management and Finance

Section Four - Medical Missionary Work
A.   God's Design in Our Sanitariums
B.   The Physician's Work for Souls
C.   Unity in Our Work
D.   Responsibilities of Medical Workers
E.   The World's Need
F.   The Church's Need
G.   Our Duty to the Household of Faith
H.   Our Duty to the World
I.     The Care of Orphans
J.    The Medical Missionary Work and the Third Angel's Message
K.    Neglect by the Church and the Ministry
L.   The Reward of Service

Section Five – Canvassing

Section Six - Cautions and Counsels
A.   Showing Hospitality
B.   The Observance of the Sabbath
C.   A Revival in Health Reform
D.   The Importance of Voice Culture
E.   Giving to God His Own
F.   Christ in All the Bible
G.   Our Attitude Toward the Civil Authorities
H.   God's Word to Be Supreme
I.     Preparation for the Final Crisis

Section Seven - Calls to Service
A.    Young Men in the Ministry
B.    The Church and the Ministry
C.    The Home Missionary Work
D.    The Increase of Facilities
E.    Help for Mission Fields
F.    The Publishing House in Norway
G.    Our Danish Sanitarium
H.    The Relief of Our Schools

I.     The Claim of Redemption

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