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Spiritual GiftsVolume 2

1.My Misfortune
2.The Advent Faith
3.Feelings of Despair
4.The Methodist Church
5.Opposition of Formal Brethren
6.My first Vision
7.Call to Travel
8.Fanaticism in Maine
9.Vision of the New Earth
10.Trials and Victories
11.Visit to Massachusetts
12.Meeting at Randolph
13.Return to Maine
14.Visit to Connecticut
15.Western New York
16.Return to Connecticut
17.Visit to Mass. and N. H.
18.Publishing and Traveling
19.Visit to Vermont and Maine
20.Publishing Again
21.The Review and Herald
22.Removal to Saratoga Springs
23.Removal to Rochester
24.Eastern Tour
25.Nathaniel and Anna
26.Labor in Michigan
27.Second Visit to Michigan
28.Extreme Trials
29.Captivity Turned
30.The West
31.The Laodicean Testimony
32.Systematic Benevolence
33.Vision at Monterey
34.Young Sabbath-keepers
35.Visit to Ohio
36.Visit to Illinois
37.Testimony for the Church

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